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Transitions and Labour Market outcomes of young people from ethnic minority backgrounds in Scotland. 

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Cara Nethery
Marina Shapira
David Griffiths

Start Date:

2nd August 2021


Ethnic diversity is growing in Scotland, and the amount of young people from ethnic minority backgrounds transitioning into the labour market is growing on a faster rate than the overall share of ethnic minorities population in Scotland. The topic of youth transitions is broad and complex with growing evidence to suggest that transitions are becoming longer and more conditional than previously experienced (Keep, 2012).

This project aims to provide current and detailed evidence on the trends in transitions of young people from ethnic minority backgrounds in Scotland. It will examine the impact of young people’s ethnic and socio-economic background, as well as the contextual impacts of schools and educational curriculums on transitions and educational and labour market outcomes for young people. The investigation into educational and labour market outcomes will also include an examination of educational choices young people make at the secondary school stage. This will include subject choices during the secondary school stage of education and the influences these may have on transitional pathway.


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