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Links between internal migration, commuting and inter-household relationships (2007_010)

Researchers: Oliver Duke-Williams.

Previous censuses have used the ‘wholly moving household’ term to study groups of migrants; in the 2001 Census the new concept of the moving group was introduced. This permits study of the behaviour of groups smaller than a whole household; and also to consider cases with more than one group... Read more...

Intergenerational aspects of social-mobility: What affects children’s educational choices? (2011_004)

Researchers: Marta Odendal, Sascha Becker, David Bell, Stephan Heblich, Sian O'Hare.

A large body of research finds a strong link between education and economic growth (Woessmann and Hanushek 2008). Aghion et al. (2009) argue that developed countries benefit the most from increased university education because of its positive effect on innovative activities. The contribution of education to the growth of economy... Read more...

Identifying the true cost of asthma in the UK: secondary analyses of national stand-alone and linked databases in England, Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales (2013_007)

Researchers: Mome Mukherjee, Chantelle Anandan, Andrew Stoddart, Brian McKinstry, Aziz Sheikh, Chris Dibben.

Asthma is a common long-term condition that is associated with considerable morbidity, costs to the NHS and society and, in some cases, mortality. The UK ranks as having amongst the highest prevalence of asthma in the world (ISAAC, 2011). Through analysing high quality data from each of the four nations... Read more...

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