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Understanding Inequality: The effects of changing neighbourhood characteristics on individuals

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Dr Meng-Le Zhang (University of Sheffield)
Dr Andrew Bell (University of Sheffield)
Dr David Manley (University of Bristol)
Dr Gurleen Popli (University of Sheffield)
Prof. George Galster (Wayne state University)
Dr Daniel Olner (University of Sheffield)
Dr Guanpeng Dong (University of Liverpool)
Dr Gwilym Owen (University of Sheffield)

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This research is part of a large ESRC research grant entitled ‘Understanding Inequalities’ (UI) (project reference: ES/P009301/1) which aims to carry out an ambitious and innovative research programme that will explore the causes and consequences of social inequalities in Scottish society in a much deeper and more joined-up way than has been achieved before. This research will explore how changes in neighbourhood characteristics in Scotland affects the lives of residents within those neighbourhoods. This includes changes in the spatial distribution of poverty around Scottish city centres caused by urban renewal and gentrification (Kavanagh, Lee, & Pryce, 2016).

Research questions:

  • Are changes in the spatial distribution of poverty in Scotland caused by migration or changes in the wealth of residents in poorer neighbourhoods?
  • What are the effects of changing neighbourhood poverty on labour market outcomes for adult SLS members?

What are the effects of changing neighbourhood poverty during childhood on educational attainment for younger SLS members?


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