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Ethnic inequalities in health at the older ages

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Genevieve Cezard (University of St Andrews)
Dr Alan Marshall (University of St Andrews)
Dr Nissa Finney (University of St Andrews)
Prof Hill Kulu (University of St Andrews)

Start Date:

1st October 2017


This project aims to understand how ethnic inequalities in health in later life evolve over time by modelling health trajectories in the Scottish context. Exploiting the SLS longitudinal design linked to administrative data it will focus on self-reported health and doctor diagnosed multi-morbidity and the contribution of age, period of migration, time since migration, migrant cohorts and generations in shaping ethnic health inequalities overtime.

Using subjective health and multi-morbidity (see A3.5) as indicators of morbidity, it seeks to answer the following research questions:

  • Do health change vary by ethnic group? Can the potential variation be explained by age and cohort, socio-economic status (SES) and household and neighbourhood risk factors?
  • Do health trajectories in minority ethnic groups vary by period of migration, duration of residence in the UK or migrant generation?
  • Does subjective health trajectories between 2001 and 2011 relate to trajectories of doctor diagnosed multi-morbidity similarly across ethnic groups?

We hypothesise that minority ethnic groups will have an initial health advantage at time of migration compared to the majority White Scottish that will diminish or reverse with acculturation and in subsequent generation of migrants. Thus the health advantage and trajectory might vary by ethnic groups due to differences in health behaviours and experiences of migration. Older migrant cohorts and first generations are likely to be better off in comparison to the younger generations. Finally, the association between subjective health and multi-morbidity trajectories is expected to differ by ethnicity due to differences in health reporting and services.


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