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Creating synthesised data for an ADRC-S training course

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Dr Zhiqiang Feng (University of Edinburgh)
Dr Lynne Forrest (University of Edinburgh)
Ben Matthews (University of Edinburgh)
Prof Iain Atherton (Napier University)
Beata Nowok (University of Edinburgh)

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19th June 2017


The aim of the study is to create synthetic datasets using data derived from extracts produced for SLS project 2013_005 (‘Risk factors and consequences of young people not in education, employment or training (NEET)’).  The synthetic datasets will be used to construct workshop exercises in a training course run by the Administrative Data Research Centre – Scotland and LSCS teaching participants practical skills for working with administrative data. The course will cover data management, manipulation and rudimentary analysis.

A synthetic extract was considered most appropriate for this training course as it offers a suitable range of different data types (e.g. event data, time stable characteristics) from a range of data providers (education data, vital event data, census data). Synthesising a dataset from SLS therefore is the most suitable way to recreate the experience of working with linked administrative datasets for the course participants, allowing them to gain the necessary skills to effectively and efficiently work with linked administrative data.

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