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Housing tenure change 2001-2011 in Scotland

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Jan Freeke (Glasgow City Council Development and Re-generation Services)

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1st June 2016




Background information to the present study can be found on the

Clydeplan website

The Strategic Development Plan for the Glasgow and the Clyde Valley area required consideration of future private sector housing demand and social housing requirements. This was done in the Housing Need and Demand Assessment (see Background Report 2, This report can be found via the web-link above under (1) Get the Plan – click here for other documents and (2) selecting Background reports).

Future household change by tenure was projected using a HNDA Tool provided by the Scottish Government. An understanding of the factors which “explain” tenure change in the recent past is necessary for an assessment how robust these projections are. 

A briefing “Key Issues for the Parliament in Session 5”, produced by Scottish Parliament Information Centre (SPICe) on 6 May 2016,  includes Scotland’s “housing crisis” as one of these key issues. The current project should provide insights useful for dealing with this key issue.

Further background information can be found on the

Glasgow City Council website

A briefing paper “Housing Change in Glasgow – Census Analysis” was published recently, which showed, amongst other findings, that the private rented sector more than doubled in Glasgow between 2001 and 2011. Future tenure change in Glasgow is an important issue for Glasgow’s Housing Strategy, which is currently being prepared. A better understanding of tenure change in relation to socio-economic change will assist in the preparation of (a) policy response(s) to tenure change in Glasgow.

The earlier study (project 2007_009) formed the basis of a CALLS Hub Impact Case Study


This project is a follow-up of an earlier study (project 2007_009). The main aim is to compare housing tenure change in Scotland in 2001-2011 with the change in 1991-2001. This will assist the assessment of likely tenure change in the future.

The earlier study compared changes for 1991-2001 (using Census data) with changes for 2001-2006 (using estimates from the Scottish Household Survey). The availability of 2011 Census data allows the comparisons to be made for both periods (1991-2001 and 2001-2011) using Census data.

Of particular interest are also the relationships between:

  1. Tenure change and age of population
  2. Tenure change and economic status of population and households
  3. Tenure change and household type

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