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Developing integrated analyses of the England and Wales, Scottish and Northern Ireland Census Longitudinal Studies: health and mortality as a case study

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Emily Grundy (LSHTM, London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine)
Paul Boyle (University of St Andrews)
Dermot O'Reilly (Queens University Belfast)
Harriet Young (LSHTM, London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine)

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Approved on 04-09-2008


In the UK there are currently three separate record linkage studies which include census and vital registration data covering England and Wales (the ONS LS), Scotland (Scottish LS) and Northern Ireland (NILS). To date there has been little thought about how integrated projects might be undertaken with these three studies. This is an important issue as there are significant demographic and health differences between these three constituent parts of the UK which are under-explored. This project considers a range of practical issues associated with undertaking such comparative research, and to do this an original research project will be undertaken which draws on information from all three. This will be an exemplar of how to undertake UK analyses of the three sources in combination and deal with the various statistical (different sampling fractions etc) procedural/technical (different variable names etc) and other challenges posed. The substantive focus of the project will be to investigate whether there are differences between England and Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland in the association between reported limiting long term illness and poor self rated health in 2001 and with mortality 2001-2005, as discussed in the section above.


Davey Smith, G., Bartley, M., Blane, D. (1990) The Black report on socioeconomic inequalities in health 10 years on, BMJ 301: 373-377

Office for National Statistics (2007) Report: Health expectancies in the United Kingdon 2003. Health Statistics Quarterly 33: 69-70

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