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Health events

An extensive range of NHS health data can be linked to the SLS including:

  • Cancer registrations for sample members (SMR06)
  • Hospital admissions and discharges for sample members (SMR01, SMR04)
  • Maternity and birth records for sample members (SMR02, SMR11, Scottish Birth Record)
  • Scottish Drugs Misuse Database (SMR25)
  • Prescribing Information System
  • Accident & Emergency Admissions (SMR30)

The Administrative Data Liaison Service (ADLS) have developed a helpful set of information on ISD data, the variables held and how to access it. This can be accessed from the ADLS website.

Data on health events from NHS ISD are linked in to the SLS on a project by project basis and are not held as part of the SLS database. Additional applications and approvals are required, and as a result projects involving these variables may take slightly longer to set up.

Explore the variables held in the SLS data dictionary.

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