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Methods for accessing SLS data

Because of the sensitive nature of the data, the SLS is only accessible on non-networked computers at the safe-setting in Edinburgh. Raw microdata files are not provided to users. Further information on our security procedures can be found here. Two options are available for accessing the data:

Safe setting

The best option for researchers who wish to work hands-on with the data or use more specialist statistical approaches, such as multi-level modeling, is to work on their dataset in the safe-setting at Ladywell House, Edinburgh.

Remote access

For researchers who are not able to get to the safe-setting or who feel familiar enough with the data that they do not need to visit in person, remote access may be an option. A version of the project database containing only variable names and labels is provided to the researcher in order to build syntax in this situation. Users can then specify analyses by creating syntax which is run on their dataset by a Support Officer. Cleared outputs are then returned as usual to the researcher (see Step-by-step guide ).

Further detail on the process can be found in Technical Working Paper 1 (PDF 1MB)

Explore the variables held in the SLS data dictionary.

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