Scottish Longitudinal Study
Development & Support Unit

Dr Zhiqiang Feng

Support Officer, Senior Research Fellow,
Univ of Edinburgh

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Zhiqiang is a support officer and research fellow for the Longitudinal Studies Centre Scotland. He is based in Edinburgh.

His research interests cover population geography, health geography, health inequalities, GIS, spatial analysis, longitudinal models, multilevel models, migration, commuting, and fuzzy classification.


Flowerdew, R, Feng, Z and Manley, D (2006) Constructing data zones for Scottish Neighbourhood Statistics. Computers, Environment and Urban Systems.

Exeter, D, Feng, Z, Flowerdew, R and Boyle, P (2005) Shrinking areas and mortality: an artefact of deprivation effects? Journal of Epidemiology and Community Health 59, 924-926.

Exeter, D, Boyle, P, Feng, Z, Flowerdew, R and Schierloh, N (2005) The creation of ‘consistent areas through time’ (CATTs) in Scotland, 1981-2001 Population Trends 119, 28-36.

Boyle, P, Exeter, D, Feng, Z and Flowerdew, R (2005) Suicide gap among young adults in Scotland: population study British Medical Journal 330, 175 – 176.

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