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Dr Tom Clemens

SLS Director of Impact & Engagement / Research Fellow, Univ of Edinburgh

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Tom is based in Edinburgh and has been part of the Demographic, Socio-Economic and Environmental Data Linkage arm of the Scottish Health Informatics Programme (SHIP) since March 2011. He graduated with a first class BA degree in Human Geography from Lancaster University (2006), followed by an MRes (2007) and PhD (2012) both from the University of St Andrews.

His PhD research examined whether or not there is evidence for a causal relationship between different forms of worklessness and subsequent mortality, and made extensive use of linkages between the Scottish Longitudinal Study, the Scottish Morbidity Record and death records from Vital Events data. This work led to developing interests in the utility of routinely collected administrative health data and associated analytical methods to inform research in the areas of public health and social epidemiology.

Currently Tom is working on a project to estimate and validate complex time-space exposures to various environmental agents through a linkage between environmental datasets, hospital and maternity admissions and the SLS.

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