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Dr Lee Williamson

LSCS Deputy Director, Univ of Edinburgh

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Lee works as research co-ordinator for the Longitudinal Studies Centre Scotland. She is based in Edinburgh.

Lee obtained an MSc in Applied Statistics from Napier University, and then went on to do a PhD on “Population projections by small areas and ethnic groups – developing strategies for demographic rate estimation” at the University of Manchester. Her research interests include fertility behaviour and population issues in general.

Lee’s research projects can be viewed on her St Andrew’s staff page.

Recent Publications

Norman, P, Marshall, A, Thompson, C, Williamson, L & Rees, P (2012) Estimating detailed distributions from grouped sociodemographic data: ‘get me started in’ curve fitting using nonlinear regression. Journal of Population Research, vol 29(2), pp 173-198

Williamson, L & Norman, P (2011) Developing strategies for deriving small population fertility rates. Journal of Population Research, 28(2-3), pp 129-148

Wilson, C & Williamson, L (2011) Intergenerational replacement and migration in the countries and regions of the United Kingdom, 1971-2009. ONS Population Trends, 145, pp 90-105

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