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Greg Blackadder

NRS/SLS Project Manager

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Greg joined the team as SLS Project Manager in September 2018 and represents the data custodians, the National Records of Scotland.

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Kellas Campbell

Technical Data Officer/Database Developer on SLS, University of Edinburgh

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Kellas Campbell, who lives in Edinburgh, joined the LSCS Team in 2021 as Technical Data Officer / Database Developer.  Kellas previously worked at Scotland’s Rural College (SRUC), where she worked on an application that provides genomic evaluations of farm animals.  Prior to SRUC, she worked for several years as a technical consultant...

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Dr Tom Clemens

SLS Director of Impact & Engagement / Research Fellow, Univ of Edinburgh

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Tom is based in Edinburgh and has been part of the Demographic, Socio-Economic and Environmental Data Linkage arm of the Scottish Health Informatics Programme (SHIP) since March 2011. He graduated with a first class BA degree in Human Geography from Lancaster University (2006), followed by an MRes (2007) and PhD (2012)...

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Prof Chris Dibben

LSCS Director, Univ of Edinburgh

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Chris is Director of the Longitudinal Studies Centre Scotland. He is also Director of the Administrative Data Liaison Service and ADRC (Scotland). Chris has worked on, amongst other subjects, epidemiological studies into recovery after heart attacks, the causes of Low Birth Weight, the survival of drug misusers and the impact...

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Angela Fallon

LSCS Administrative Assistant, Univ of Edinburgh

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Angela Fallon joined the LSCS Team in 2016 as Administrative Assistant. Angela was previously employed by the University of Edinburgh working on Scottish Carbon Capture & Storage. She has over 13 years experience working for the University of Edinburgh as a PA, Project Administrator and Events Organiser. Angela’s hours are:...

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Dr Zhiqiang Feng

Support Officer, Senior Research Fellow,
Univ of Edinburgh

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Zhiqiang is a support officer and research fellow for the Longitudinal Studies Centre Scotland. He is based in Edinburgh. His research interests cover population geography, health geography, health inequalities, GIS, spatial analysis, longitudinal models, multilevel models, migration, commuting, and fuzzy classification. Publications Flowerdew, R, Feng, Z and Manley, D (2006) Constructing data...

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Joan Nolan

Database Manager, Univ of Edinburgh

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Joan is a database manager and systems developer for the SLS team at NRS and her responsibilities include the initial setting up and ongoing maintenance requirements for the SLS database. She also provides support to users. Joan’s background is in Information Management, and prior to joining the SLS team, spent...

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Prof Gillian Raab

Support Officer, Statistician, Univ of Edinburgh

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Gillian Raab is an applied statistician whose fields of application are chiefly in medical and social statistics. Her methodological interests include survey research, methods for dealing with missing data and various aspects of the design and analysis of clinical trials. A recent ESRC supported project has been the PEAS web site to...

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Dr Sara Tilley

Research Support Officer

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Sara works as a Research Support Officer on the Scottish Longitudinal Study. She obtained her PhD in 2013 from the University of St Andrews. Her research used large scale household survey data to examine the changing travel trends amongst older people using cohort analysis. Sara has also worked as a...

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Dr Lee Williamson

LSCS Deputy Director
Digitising Scotland, Project Manager

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Lee works as a Senior Research Fellow at the Longitudinal Studies Centre - Scotland, part of the Research Institute of Geography and The Lived Environment in School of GeoSciences at the University of Edinburgh. Lee obtained a PhD on “Population projections by small areas and ethnic groups – developing strategies for demographic rate estimation” at the University of Manchester. Her methodological interests include demographic methods and longitudinal techniques. Her research interests include demography, fertility behaviour; inequality, heath and mortality; birth parity; early life; historical demography; population projections.

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