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Longitudinal Study of Nurses in Scotland: workforce dynamics

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Dr Iain Atherton (Edinburgh Napier University)
William Ball (Edinburgh Napier University)

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1st June 2014


This extension to the current project will form the basis of a PhD thesis. We aim to publish two articles in peer-reviewed journals. Additionally, we aim to attend national and international conferences to present preliminary findings and methodological discussion based on this project.


Inequalities in health persist within the UK and many other countries despite improving trends in average life expectancy. Men living in the most deprived areas of England can expect to live in good health for 16 years less than men living in the least deprived areas (ONS 2015).

Inequalities in health have previously been demonstrated in a single occupational group of civil servants (Marmot 1978) and research focusing on the health of Nurses should add value to the literature as they represent a reasonably socio-economically homogenous population with high levels of health literacy.

This project can add to the growing literature looking at mortality variations between Scotland/Glasgow and the rest of the UK. It should be particularly pertinent to existing work which explores the phenomenon of ‘excess mortality’ (i.e. higher mortality even after accounting for deprivation).


To undertake combined analysis of separate UK longitudinal studies, linked to a UK-wide index of multiple deprivation, to assess the presence and extent of health inequalities within and between the UK Nursing work-force.

To determine whether deprivation can explain any variation between Scottish and English/Welsh Nurses’ self-reported health.

To assess indicators of selective migration for potential effects they may have on patterns of variation in self-reported health.


Office for National Statistics (2015) Health expectancies at birth my middle layer super output areas, England, inequality in health and life expectancys with upper tier local authorities: 2009-2013. Statistical Bulletin. Office for National Statistics: London
Marmot, M et al (1978) Employment grade and coronary heart disease in British civil servants. Journal of Epidemiology and Community Health 32

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